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Distressed dark wood

It is not only bleached and blanched woods that are making a statement this year, we are expected to see extreme dark wood also make an impact in home interiors across the industry. The trend has been building over the last few years, but now more homeowners are looking to get this luxurious aged look added to their homes.

Textured flooring is also having a crucial impact on flooring designs more than ever before. Many types of wood have been distressed during production to achieve this desired look. As it is purposively distressed, wood comes in many stains and sizes. So, if you’re looking to achieve a rustic look with an expensive feel in your home, install a distressed dark wood.

Distressed dark wood has an intense impact on a space, therefore consider what direction and width you would like the flooring to have, then consider how this dark flooring may influence the space of a room.

For example, if your kitchen has large windows, or a garden door entrance perhaps, a dark wooden floor positively complements this space since the kitchen units and the large amount of natural light will balance the perspectives of the room.

However, how you utilise this trend is entirely down to your home, your interior and your style. One thing is for certain –  this trend is here to stay. This means that if you choose to invest in dark distressed wood, you’ll be investing in maintaining a stylish interior for years to come.


2.   Engineered vinyl planks

Flooring Trends of 2018

Engineered vinyl planks have been growing as a flooring trend over the last five years or so. Although it is engineered, it appears and feels like real wood. But rather than taking on stains like real hardwood, vinyl floors are waterproof. This makes engineered vinyl planks a crowd pleaser amongst families.

Due to the large consumer need for this product, other manufacturers have produced a large number of variations of this material which means there is a luxury vinyl look that appeals to many home décor styles.

Engineered vinyl planks are easy to maintain while also providing adequate comfort. It is also a floating floor which means that the vinyl can be installed on top of almost all flat and level surfaces, including tiles.

For more inspiration on this sleek and sophisticated look, check out our vinyl flooring collection.


3.  Environmentally friendly flooring

As a general conversation point, the nation is becoming more aware of their carbon footprint. We are becoming more conscious about the planet, which means the interest and popularity of environmental flooring is on the rise.

This has caused a shift in consumer behaviour and manufacturers are being pressured to produce flooring which uses recyclable materials and floor processes which meet globally-recognised environmental flooring standards.

Specifically, there is a growing trend for flooring which has very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). These flooring types do not emit toxic chemicals into the environment, which helps to maintain the health of the air in an indoor space.

If you are looking to install flooring which is environmentally conscious, look for flooring type which has low VOC’s and a FloorScore certification for adherence to eco standards.


The general consensus of flooring trends of the moment is that wooden flooring is in. It is a staple material of any home, and it will be a staple trend for years to come. Whether it is blanched wood, grey wood, distressed wood or vinyl planks there are an endless amount of options to suit your individual style.